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The Sardargunj Mercantile Bank Ltd, Patan

The Sardargunj Mercantile Co.op Bank Ltd, Patan. (N.Guj.) We have been appointed as statutory auditors for your bank vide letter from Reserve Bank of india, Ahemedabad,Gujarat State Letter No.AMD.DOS.MAG.ACG & LEGAL.NO.S989/02-16-028/2021-2022 Dated 16.11.2021 and bank has also confirmed appointment in resolution No.9 of board meeting held on 15.12.2021. As per the condition of the appointment we have completed the audit on the basis of information provided by Banks.

We will create and maintain a professional environment that invites the ideas of our employees, fosters the confidence of our shareholders, and exceeds the expectations of our customers. To earn the loyalty of employees, customers and the community by operating with integrity and fairness at all times and we have employees who are empowered to build long-term relationships with our customers and provide our shareholders long-term growth and an attractive return on their investment in the bank

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Our Services

The Sardargunj mercantile co op bank has started Mobile Banking / IMPS. Now you can transfer funds, Request for cheque book, Statement, Positive Pay System etc. Hurry….. Contact nearest Branch for Registration

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The Sardargunj mercantile co op bank has Sub-membership for RTGS, NEFT and IMPS with AXIS Bank.It's electronic payment system to transfer funds from one to another in Accounts and Banks

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Customers are requested to register their mobile number to receive SMS alerts. The Sardargunj mercantile co op bank sends SMS alert to customer for their financial/non-financial transactions.

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We offers you to Lockers Services in India This means that you can Secure your gold, jewelry and important documents in NICBl Lockers.

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Financial Strength 2021-22

Share Capital



Net Profit









Financial Strength 2021-22

  Rs. in Lacs
Share Capital 373.30
Reserve Fund 277.2
Deposit 23138.17
Loans & Advances 9317.95
Investment 1500.00
Profit 486.15
C.D. Ratio 40.27
Gross NPA  

Interest Rate

Interest Rate Of Bank`s Loan


Loan & Advances

Interest Rate

1 Hypothecation K.K 10.50%

Secure Cash Credite

Rs/- 1 Crore Under

    Rs/-1 Crore or Above 




3 P.C.C 10.00%
4 Gold Loan 10.00%
5 N.S.C/K.V.P Loan 11.00%
6 Housing Loan 10.50%
7 Personal Loan 12.50%
8 Car Loan 10.00%
9 Two Wheeler Loan 11.50%

Porperty Loan

Rs/-1 Crore under

     Rs/-1 Crore or Above




11 Eduaction Loan 10.00% To 11.00%
12 Machinery Loan 12.50%

Fix Deposite Loan

1%  More Than Deposite Interest

14 Professional Loan 10.00%
15 Car and Commercial Vehicle Loan 10.00%
16 Jewelry Loan 10%
17 Jewelry Loan (Instalment-OL) 11%
18 Loan against NSC / KVP / O.DDA = 11% Hypothecation Cash Credit  Loan = 10.50% ✔ PCC (Consignment) 11%
19 Staff Property Loan (SP)(Instalment-OL) 9%
20 Property Loans 11%
21 Personal Loan / Machinery Loan / Clean K.K(Instalment-OL) 12.50%
22 CKK  10.50%
23 Solar Loan 10%
24 CKK  10.50%
25 Employee Cash Credit 12.50%







Fixed Deposit Interest Rate


Sr.No. Period of Deposits Interest Rate
1 30 days to 180 days 4.00 %
2 Within 181 days to 12 months

5.00 %

3 12 months and sub-province within 3 years 7.50 %
  • Senior citizens (60 years or above) will get an additional 0.50% more interest.
  • Recurring deposit rates applicable as per term deposit rates
  • Deposits up to Rs.500000 are covered by Deposit Insurance and Credit Gaurantee Corporation. 







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